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Ziggy is hungry! He is desperate for a snack!

FRIDAY 27TH MARCH 2020. The end of a week of sunshine! I hope you and your families are feeling ok and that you have had plenty to do. We will post new work for you to do on Monday and hope that you can relax over the weekend and still enjoy some of your favourite activities - I know lots of you will have fun playing with your pets, constructing lego kits, baking, reading and playing on your PlayStations and x boxes. My ten year old football crazy nephew, who lives in Australia, really enjoyed watching the new Malory Towers drama on CBBC which was a big surprise - he didn't expect to like this at all - so perhaps give it a watch even if you're not sure. Meanwhile, here at home, Ziggy continues to make us smile. No doubt he will be up to more tricks at the weekend! His latest trick is to sneak through a VERY thick hedge into next door's garden and terrorise the rabbit. We will be busy blocking his escapes outs this weekend. As always Year 5 - I'm thinking of you lots. Love, Mrs Kingsnorth.x

Football fun in the sun.Ziggy thinks he's the next England player!

WEDNESDAY 25TH MARCH. Hello FANTASTIC FIVES! Another day of sunshine to enjoy - blue skies though the window, in our garden or on a well deserved walk with your family members - well away form other people. Yesterday, I waved to my friend as she stood in her living room window while I walked with Ziggy through our village. I'm sure some of you who live near each other may be able to do this - but do remember to check with your parents. Another quiz for you to challenge your parents - " If someone's Mum has four sons, called North, South and East - what is the other son called?" I bet you can answer this accurately - just think! I'll give you the answer tomorrow as well as a"thoughtful Thursday" picture. Have a good day all of you - I'm thinking of you lots. Love, Mrs Kingsnorth.x

Breakfast with Ziggy! He thinks he is a person!

TUESDAY 24TH MARCH.Good morning lovely Year 5! I hope you and your families are all well. Have any of you enjoyed the Joe Wicks workout this morning? I hope so! Remember, if you have a garden spend lots of time outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine as well! Just think of all the "keepie uppie" practise you can do! If you haven't seen this already - check out the San Diego Zoo website - https://kids.sandiegozoo.org - there's LOADS of webcams to enjoy and lots of information to read as well as beautiful photos to look at and talk about with your family. Enjoy! And on another note - how about testing your Mum or Dad to a little spelling bee challenge?Can they spell our class challenge word - chihuahua? I bet lots of parents find this tricky! Can YOU remember how to spell it? Finally - have a good day. Keep smiling and laughing and talk to each other on the phone when your parents say you can . I'll message you tomorrow. Love, Mrs Kingsnorth.xx

Ziggy the Naughty Pup.

MONDAY 23RD MARCH. Hello Year 5. Here is your first photo of Ziggy, my naughty pup! Click on the image to see it clearly. We've had a lovely day in the garden today and hope you have enjoyed some Spring sunshine as well. Ziggy has played lots of football, eaten too many sticks of kindling and managed to leap into the air and cover the washing on the line in muddy paw prints! I'll send you a photo of him every school day which I hope will make you smile - he certainly keeps us happy even when things are strange for us all. I'm thinking of you all lots and lots. Love, Mrs Kingsnorth.xx

We are a wonderful class of 25 super children. Mr Phillips is our class teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs Kingsnorth teaches us on Thursdays and Fridays.They share our class on Wednesdays. Mrs Silvester is our fabulous support teacher every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning.

We have a new topic to explore this term (Spring 1 and 2) -  "The Ancient Greeks". We will begin by looking at the important events throughout the period as wll as looking at how the empire expanded. We will then look at one of the most important aspects of Ancient Greece - their Gods. Follwoing on from this, we'll look at greek life in general including some of its legacy such the Olympyic games and politics. 

In class we are all enjoying reading "Grandpa's Great Escape," by David Walliams. Some of us have used the book to inspitre our own writing when we created setting descriptions - Twilighht Towers helped us to imagine what a haauted, spooky and spine chilling house may be like! We have  used the book to think about how authors create character and also as a basis to talk about how society treats its older or more vulnerable people. 

We are really looking forward to a great year with lots of fun and learning. Please remember to keep checking in on the class pages for updates as the website is our main way of sharing news and information with you. 

Please remember that we are always happy to speak to you about an issues or concerns - just contact the office to arrange a convenient time. 

SCHOOL CLOSURE 20th March 2020

All pupils have taken a pack of home learning materials today. Pupils who were absent will receive their packs either via hand delivery from a neighbour or friend or by post in the next few days.

Today was a very strange day for all of us at Pool Primary School. We said goodbye to each other, not knowing when we will all be back together. Year 5 were, as always, very sensible despite the strange circumstances in which we find ourselves and showed lots of sensitivity in terms of the questions they asked. I will keep in touch every school day by posting something for everyone to talk about or smile  about and we all look forwad to being  together as a class again. I know you will all look after each other. Love, Mrs Kingsnorth x
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