Information Station  »  Who's Who?

Senior Leadership
Mrs S Fox - Headteacher                             
Mrs L Di Palma-Heath - Deputy Headteacher                                 
Mrs R Worsnop - SENDCo and Safeguarding Deputy               
Mrs R Keinhorst - HLTA & Safeguarding Lead  
Teachers & Support Staff
Mrs R Worsnop - Reception Teacher 
Mrs D Morris - HLTA
Mrs E Wilbourne - Nursery Nurse
Mrs E Bowman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Young - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs A Graham - HLTA
Mrs K Leggatt - SEN/D support

Mrs J Mulholland - Year 2 Teacher (Mon-Weds)
Mrs M Silvester - Year 2 teacher (Thur-Fri)
Mrs N Flannery - HLTA
Miss K Tobin - SEN/D support
Mrs S Bowman - SEN/D support & Teaching Assistant

Miss M Ball - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs J Baxter - Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Furnival -  Year 4 Teacher
Mrs H Chadwick - Teaching Assistant

Miss J Dosanjh - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs N Walton - Teaching Assistant

Mr D Phillips - Year 6 Teacher (Mon-Weds)
Mrs L Di Palma-Heath - Year 6 Teacher (Thur-Fri)
Mrs S Lewis - Teaching Assistant

School Office Staff
Mrs A Finlay - School Business Manager and Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs C Boardman - Administrative Assistant                            

Lunchtime Supervisors & Assistants
Mrs A Graham
Mrs N Flannery
Miss K Foster
Mrs B Lee-Nicholson
Mrs E Wilbourne
Mrs S Bowman
Miss A Robinson
Mrs E Bowman
Miss F Williams
Mrs I Balla

Before School Club
Mrs N Flannery 
Miss K Foster 


Site Superintendent
Mr P Stone (Monday & Friday only)
Pool-in-Wharfedale CE Primary School Arthington Lane, Pool-in-Wharfedale, Otley, LS21 1LG