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In the event we have to move to remote learning for individual pupils, bubbles or the whole school, our priority is to provide a seamless transition between learning in school and at home, to cause as little disruption as possible.

Work or ‘assignments’ will be made available on the Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) through Microsoft Teams, which also enables work to be completed electronically and teachers to provide feedback to pupils on their work. The type and frequency of feedback will mirror practice in school in line with our Feedback Policy, e.g. verbal, written, collaborative, etc.

For English and foundation curriculum subjects, we’re complementing our resources with those from Oak National Academy. Oak’s online classroom has 10,000 video lessons created by teachers which are available for free on www.thenational.academy. Oak is backed by the Department for Education (DfE) and, last term, provided nearly 5 million pupils with 20 million lessons.

Some frequently asked questions about Oak can be found HERE.

In addition to using Oak, we’ll be using White Rose Maths materials and resources as this scheme compliments the Maths teaching we deliver in school. LifeWise resources will support teaching and learning around health and wellbeing.

If you experience any technical issues with Teams, please message your child’s class teacher using the ‘chat’ option in Teams or alternatively, email teamsupport@poolprimarysch.org.uk and we’ll do our best to help.    

Click HERE to view Microsoft's Guide for Parents and Guardians on Distance Learning.
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