Welcome to the Year One Class Page. We look forward to sharing our learning with you. There are 29 fantastic pupils in Year One who are taught by Mrs Furnival and Mrs Worsnop (on Thursdays) The class are supported by Mrs Wainman, Mrs Baxter and Mrs Sanaa. 

Our topic this half term is Dinosuars!

Here is a sample of some of the learning that we will enjoy!


  • Researching information about dinosaurs
  • Creating our own dinosaurs and writing a fact file about it
  • Writing a newspaper report about a ‘dinosaur on the loose’
  • Writing a dinosaur story
  • Finding out what the earth was like in the age of the dinosaurs and comparing it to our world now
  • Learning about fossils are created and the job of a palaeontologist
  • Comparing a human skeleton to a dinosaur skeleton
  • Exploring the different foods that dinosaurs ate and how we know this
  • Learning about dinosaur teeth and making our own dinosaur tooth
  • Sorting the dinosaurs into different groups
  • Understanding how dinosaurs became extinct


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