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Physical Education

At Pool-in-Wharfedale CE Primary School we understand the importance that Physical Education (PE) plays in the curriculum and are committed to providing all children with opportunities to engage fully.


Through our cornerstone Christian values, we aim to:

Provide opportunities for all pupils to become physically active and physically literate, promoting confidence in a way which also supports their physical health, fitness and through these, their mental health. Through team sports they will help develop a better understanding of different people’s abilities, strengths and help with areas for improvement.

Enable all pupils to partake in a variety of sports, both team and individual, to test their knowledge and understanding and to help foster a love for physical education. Through PE, including both internal and external competition, we will aim to instil a drive and willingness for personal improvement.

Provide children, not only with physical skills, knowledge and understanding, but also the awareness of the importance of leading a healthy, active life. We will use PE as a tool to promote problem solving and tactical thinking, through a broad variety of sporting activities.

Encourage the values of sportsmanship, fairness and respect through the sports and activities they undertake and to use physical education as a media to foster relationships and a better understanding of the world.


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