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We have always had health & well-being as one of our main priorities at Pool C of E and this is especially so with the current situation regarding Covid-19. We are particulary focusing on the children's mental health and will be monitoring this closely as the children return to school. 
 We will be taking part in daily health & well-being sessions where children can voice their concerns about returning to school and any anxious feelings that they might have. Each child will have access to a 'mood board' which we will be discussing with the children as they return. This will be a way that children can communicate quickly to a member of staff if they are not feeling happy, or are struggling in any way.
 We will be continuing to use our long term plans of health & well-being which can be found below. We will also be incorporating resources used from Mindmate, 'You, Me and PSHE' and Lifewise. 
Health & Well-being overview 2020-2021

Below is an overview of the topics covered in each year group throughout the year. Some areas may change due to any special events/focus weeks which may occur in school and so may not be taught at the exact time stated below.

Our informative assembly delivered by the NSPCC (March 2020)
Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)

FAQs about RSE for Primary and Secondary Settings

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