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Learning Pool Activity Supporting Documents - 6th July to 16th July 2020

Hi, Year 5! Here are the documents you will need for your final Learning Pool. All the maths sheets for the next two weeks are below, too. Have fun, and I look forward to meeting some of you in the final week. Miss Smith :)

Monday 30th March 2020 - Maths (alternative)

For those of you who find Maths tricky, here are some alternatives for you to try. The booklets still focus on Multiplication and Division but are less challenging than the Year 5 work on the website. Please don't worry if you do this instead - it's hard to do difficult work without a teacher there to help you. The important thing is to have a go, keep practising and please, do not get upset or cross, with the maths work. If you think this is happening - have a break and do something you enjoy and then, if you want to, come back to it later. Just do your best - and that is enough!

30th March 2020

Maths challenge! For those of you who fancy a maths challenge with lots to think about and talk about here is a "Football Mystery" which you may enjoy. There is no teacher to make you "show your workings" (I know who will be VERY pleased about that!) but I do think that you will need to do so anyway - just so that you can keep checking where you are in terms of solving the problems set. Enjoy!y

30th March 2020

Here is a complete Year 5 Multiplication and Division revision workbook and answer booklet (for parents!!) for you. We have covered all this work in class and there is lots to get your teeth into. Ask your parents if you need help but be aware that they may be working form home - so think about when is a good to ask for help.

Year 5 - Topic work for this week.

There are 3 different topic "stimulus" sheets for you to choose from: castles, orchestras and the Antarctic. I have chosen a variety of themes so that, hopefully, at least one of them appeals to you! On the first sheet are lots of different related activities (including Maths challenges as well) for you to have a go at - you can take this work as far as you wish and should be able to do at least some of the activities without lots of adult support as I imagine your parents are busy trying to do things at home. Good luck and ENJOY. Try to do at least some of the activities as we need to keep your brain active!

Good morning everyone, we hope you're all doing well and looking after each other. There is certainly some great community spirit on show at the moment.

We have uploaded an image with lots of great free resources for you to use. A lot of celebrities are releasing content free during these uncertain times and a lot are doing some great video streaming for children to join in - we know we've especially loved the workouts that Joe Wicks is providing.

Whilst we're having this weather, now is also a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy other activities. Don't forget that you all need some chill out time!

Finally - to parents - no matter how old your child, a visual timetable can help you structure and give both you and them a focus for the day. It doesn't need to be complicated and can have as many pictures/ photos as you think necessary. There are some examples on Twinkl (free access at the moment). There's an example of one below. 

As well as the home learning pack and the letter with websites on, below are some other great websites that give you some resources and ideas. 


More than anything, we want you to be kind to each other and stay relaxed and happy during this difficult time for everyone. Please just do whatever works for you and your family in terms of learning. 

Each day you could try to:
  • read a little and talk about what you are reading 
  • keep up with your TT Rockstars
  • practise some handwriting.
We will add other things to this page each Monday of term time.

Take care of each other and stay well (and at home!).

Mr Phillips and Mrs Kingsnorth
Pool-in-Wharfedale CE Primary School Arthington Lane, Pool-in-Wharfedale, Otley, LS21 1LG