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Academic Year 2016-17

LifeSavers supports primary schools in setting up savings clubs, and helping children and their families learn about money. It is a collaborative partnership between the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Just Finance Foundation and education charity Young Enterprise.

LifeSavers is offered to primary schools across the country, with financial support from Virgin Money and aims to equip children with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences to manage money well, now and in the future. It also explores four core values around money:

- Thankfulness
- Wisdom
- Justice
- Generosity

As part of LifeSavers, we teach money lessons in the classroom, and hold whole school assemblies looking at the four core values.

We have a fortnightly schools savings club for pupils, run by pupils and adult volunteers.
Academic Year 2015-16

The whole school worked collaboratively with students from Lawnswood High School on the 2016 theme of 'Welcome' during Refugee Week in Summer Term Two. Activities included: whole school assembly; Art work; simulation of the Haaj; Arabic dancing; Habaddi; food preparation and tasting, and Geography and Literacy activities such as writing poetry and what children would pack in their 'suitcase' if they had to leave home suddenly.

The children from both schools gained a great deal from sharing the day together. Our pupils in particular developed a greater appreciation and understanding of what a 'Refugee' or 'Asylum Seeker' is through the students sharing their 'School of Sanctuary' ethos. The day provided opportunities for our pupils and staff to reflect and appreciate how lucky we are to experience peace, liberty and the material comforts we have.

Here are some photos from the week...
Refugee Week 2016

A whole school collaboration for 'Send My Friend to School' 2016 was done in Summer Term Two. The theme was on children missing out on Education due to 'Displacement from Conflict and Natural Disasters'. Children made 'rucksacks' and signs to deliver to our local MP, Mr Greg Mulholland to pass on to Government Ministers at Westminster. He delivered them to our newly appointed Secretary of State for Overseas Development, Mrs Priti Patel, who also took time out from her busy schedule to acknowledge the importance of our children campaigning for children overseas. Here is a selection of photographs with Mr Greg Mullholland (MP) and Mrs Priti Patel herself at Westminster and her letter of acknowledgement. Some of the pictures even made it to our local papers!

Send my Friend to School 2016

We had a whole school celebration to commemorate the Queen's Official 90th birthday. (If you didn't already know, she has two birthdays!) A special picnic lunch was put in place and despite the poor weather, the children enjoyed it! They came dressed in red, white and blue and celebrated all things, 'British'. Reception Year and Year Six had a go at some traditional country dancing. Reception Class made hand made cards for Her Majesty and received a reply back from Her Majesty via one of her Ladies in Waiting...

The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations 2016

Pool Feast King and Queen Selection 2016... Mr Parker and Mrs Clark came into school to share the winners of the Pool Village Feast 2016 Poster Competition and to tell us who the new King and Queen for 2016 would be...

Pool Village Feast Poster Competition and the new King and Queen 2016
Pool-in-Wharfedale CE Primary School Arthington Lane, Pool-in-Wharfedale, Otley, LS21 1LG