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Phone call mid-Atlantic!

This week our year 5's received a surprise phone call from Marcus Beale who is currently attempting to row across the Atlantic single handed. He is doing this to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. Marcus had already visited us last October, bringing with him the boat that he'd be living in for nearly 2 months! He was able to talk to the children for over 20 minutes via satellite phone and told them all about the experience so far, including dealing with numerous capsizes, waves more than 3 times the height of the school, and some of the incredible wildlife he'd seen so far. Hopefully he'll be able to come and see us when he returns from his adventure and show us some of the exciting video footage and pictures. For more information, to donate or to follow his progress, please visit: https://www.whiterows.co.uk

Victorian School Day

Our year 5's had the opportunity to witness a typical school day in the Victorian Period. Don't worry, the miserable look on their faces was method acting!

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