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We have created a medical role play area because we have been so inspired by our real life superheroes Florence Nightingale and Dr Beth. We have created a hospital and named it 'Pool Helping Hospital'. We have enjoyed role playing: testing bloody pressure, checking pulses, fixing broken bones and testing each others eye sight. Here are some photos to show how much fun we had! We now have some aspiring doctors, nurses and surgeons in Year 2.

Real life superhero visit!

18.11.19 Today we had a very interesting visit from our real life superhero, Dr Beth. She answered lots of our questions about the amazing job she does and spoke to us about the special medical equipment she uses to help people feel better. Thank you so much for coming to visit, Dr Beth. We think you are super!

Children in Need

We had a wonderful dressing up as things we would like to be: rock stars, singers, artists, sports stars, dog walkers, teachers, doctors, nurses and of course Pudsey and Blush bear! We really enjoyed raising money for Children in Need. Thank you for your kind donations.

Our visit to meet Maddie Moate at Otley Science Fair

We really enjoyed learning how things were made with Maddie and loved acting out different parts of her factory workshop!

Our FANTASTIC trip to 'The Rainbow Factory'.
Road Safety

Amber from Leeds City Council came to visit us to teach us about road safety. Ask us how we should cross a road safely. We can tell you all about it!

Treat Day

We had a wonderful day today. We played the board games we had designed with our friends, then we had a water fight and finally we finished it off with delicious ice pops. We had so much fun! Mrs Flannery and I will really miss all of the children, they have been a joy to teach. :-)

The Deep

We had a wonderful time visiting The Deep in Hull. There were so many wonderful sea creatures. We also met some creatures that live on land. We had a brilliant time during our workshop learning about 'Underwater Superheroes' and how they adapt to survive in the oceans. Some of us even got to dress up as sea creatures too!

The Great Fire of London

We lit the replica houses we made to re- enact how quickly the fire spread in 1666. The fire started at Pudding Lane bakery and then because the buildings were so close together the others soon caught fire, we noticed thatched roofs caught fire so easily! Then the wonderful Cookridge Fire Service came to show us how much the fire service has been developed since 1666. We learnt so much and we are so grateful for them taking their time to come and visit us! We had a wonderful morning. We spoke to the children about how the staff planned this activity to be carried out carefully and safely and should not be replicated at home.

Measuring capacity

We have had lots of fun learning how to measure capacity. We made estimations of how much liquid would fill the containers before measuring how much actually was in each.

We enjoyed a judo workshop where we learnt a variety of moves/holds- we learnt how to do this safely. The children are bringing home leaflets if you would like to go to the new club in Horsforth on a Tuesday.
Our wonderful space topic. We loved learning about space, dressing up as astronauts, creating our lunar rovers and completing an experiment about rockets. We really enjoyed it!
Burn2learn- we really enjoy our learning being active!
Tagtiv8 with Bryn and then with Mrs Mulholland. We were ordering numbers, sorting odd and even and then focusing on our multiplication skills. We had so much fun!
Half of the fantastic cast of Lights, Camel, Action. All of the children were amazing and absolute superstars. They made us so proud! Well done, KS1!!
Children in need fundraising. Thank you for baking the treats and thank you to everyone who bought them!
Kira from KL Falconry visited us with three of her lovely birds; Tilly the Barn Owl, Molly the Burrowing Owl and Jeff the Harris Hawk. We learnt so much about these fabulous birds. Ask us what we have learnt- we have lots to tell you!
We worked in teams to become designers, architects and builders. We worked really hard to create our buildings and we presented them to the rest of the class. We got a treat for our fantastic work from Mr Flannery's building company for our fabulous work.
We played leaf snap. It was lots of fun!
Our lovely leaf animals! Can you tell what type of animals we have created?
Many of us wanted to find out more about our local post office. We learnt lots about how the food is ordered and how we post a parcel. Thanks, Gary and Paula!
Some of us were interested in finding out how to make people better as that is what we would like to do as a job when we are older so we visited the pharmacy. We visited Colin at Pool Pharmacy and he taught us lots about different types of medicine and sh
Some of us chose to find out more about how cars are sold. Thank you for teaching us all about the different cars and your job, Mark!
Our interview with, Amir. He is the Petrol station manager at Shell Garage. We learnt lots of new information. Thanks, Amir!
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