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Spellings 30/11/20

Dolphins, Seahorses and Jellyfish- oo at ow Turtles and Sharks- ur ir

Spellings 23/11/20

Dolphins, Seahorses and Jellyfish- oa ir wh ph Turtles and Sharks- ow like cow

Spellings 09/11/20

Sharks and Turtles- ee Dolphins, Seahorses and Jellyfish oi oy air

Learning Pool Autumn Two

Our focus this half term is Nocturnal Animals.

Spellings 02/11/20

We will be recapping the spellings we learnt from the last half term ready for our spelling test on Friday.

Spellings 19.10.20

Focus this week is on the 'long oo' sound oo, ue, ew, and u_e. The spelling test of the sounds we have covered this half term will take place after the October half term holidays because we cannot do it this week. Please keep revisiting spellings from this half term so children are confident with the digraphs we have learnt, we will then choose words from each sound for the test.

Spellings 12/10/20

Spelling focus- oa ow oe o_e Sharks- oa oe

Spellings 05/10/20

Spelling focus ai ay a_e Sharks ay ai

Spellings 28/09/20

We are focusing on the igh, ie and the split digraph i_e sound this week. Sharks are focusing on igh and ie.

Spellings 21/09/20

There are separate spellings for children who are in the Sharks group.

Learning Pool

Autumn One Learning Pool- Where We Live

Pool-in-Wharfedale CE Primary School Arthington Lane, Pool-in-Wharfedale, Otley, LS21 1LG