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Week ending 14th February 2020
It is hard to believe that today is the last day of this half-term!  The children have been brilliant this week as we have focused on the 'Little Red Hen'.  There has been lots of focus on the structure of the story, repeated language and retelling the story with actions.  If you have a look on Tapestry, you will see clips of the retelling (sorry for any shaky camera work!).  Can your child tell you the story?

In Maths, the children have been looking at shapes.  This has included identifying the properties of 2d and 3d shapes and making shape pictures.  The children have also created their own shapes inside and outside and been on shape hunts.  What can your child tell you about shapes?

Today, we will finish all our Phase 3 sounds and these can be found in your child's sound books.  Please practise these as much as possible.  This week we have focused on ear/air/ure and er.  After the holidays there will be lots of reinforcing of these sounds.

Mrs Stoves has focused on colour mixing skills with all the children this week.  They have loved using the powder paints.  In Collective Worship we have revisited how we might show respect to others and the World around us.  This has linked with work on recycling that Mrs Morris has done with the children and our helping topic in RE.

On Tuesday, the children learnt all about Internet Safety when the digital leaders ran a session with them.  They were brilliant and listened really well.

Thank you for all the Learning Pool homework this half-term.  New homework will be sent out at the beginning of next half-term.  Parent morning will be unchanged from Friday am for next half-term.  All welcome!

Have a wonderful holiday!
Reception Team

Week ending 7th February 2020
Lots of fun with 'The Gingerbread Man' this week, including making Gingerbread men....luckily none escaped from the oven!  The children have listened to the story; joined in with repeated text; identified rhyming words (including writing them during group activities) and developed a shared story map.  During Independent Learning Time, the children acted out the story; designed characters from the story; ordered different sized Gingerbread men and put buttons on them using tweezers.  They also created 'wanted' posters for the Gingerbread man.  

In Maths, the children continued to focus on 10 and bundling 10 objects to make 1 ten.  The children also used tens frames to look at parts of 10.  All children have now completed the 'part whole' activity from last week and told their own Maths stories.

In Phonics, the children have focused on ur/ow and oi.  New sounds will be sent home next week.  All children have read to an adult at least once this week and have had their books changed.

In RE, we have continued to focus on helping.  We looked at 'The Good Samaritan' this week and how it links to our RE topic.  In Collective Worship we talked about Mother Teresa and how she showed respect for all people regardless of how poor or ill they were.  In Music, we classified sound makers and looked at pulse and rhythm and following the leader's signals through singing specfic songs and rhymes.

Thank you again for sending in such wonderful Learning Pool homework.  The children love sharing what they have done and we love looking at what you have been up to at home.  

Have a wonderful weekend.
Reception Team

Week ending 31st January 2020
The focus for this week has been 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.  The children have loved exploring the story, looking at the characters (including creating a 'Wanted' poster for the troll) and making a shared story map and using it to retell the story.  Our Rainbow Challenges have been linked to the story also.  The children have retold the story outside and created bridges across our river using construction resources.  Other challenges have focused on listing good and bad characters, identifying words with sh, ch and th, showing 10 in different ways and moving cotton wool buds with chopsticks (finger gym).

In Maths we have looked at the number 10. The children explored where they see 10 and helped to create the 10 table.  They were also introduced to a tens frame and played a game to identify whether they could see 5, 10 or another number of counters on the tens frame.  This encouraged the children to subitise (find the number without counting).  Some children worked on solving problems using the part whole model.  This work will be continued next week.

All children have read to an adult this week (at least once).  The children are really impressing us with their reading skills and the practice at home is really showing - thank you.  The children now have the latest sounds we have learnt in their sounds books (oo as in moon/oo as in book/ar and or).

We had new arrivals in class this week - stick insects arrived!  We are looking forward to seeing them grow over the coming weeks.  In RE the children looked at what it meant to help at home and school.  Our Collective Worship this week focused on understanding that Christians believe they should respect God's creations.  We also talked about the times of day we pray in school and why.

Hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend.
Reception Team

Week ending 24th January
The children have loved looking at Little Red Riding Hood this week.  We have talked about the story and its characters; acted out the story; retold the story and created woodland pictures (Rainbow Challenges - see below) and written sentences during a shared writing session.

In Maths the children have focused on 9.  In particular, we have revisited the part whole model.  The children played skittles and identified how many skittles had been knocked down and how many were still standing.  From this, we talked about parts and the whole e.g. 3 is a part, 6 is a part and 9 is the whole.  

In Phonics the children have looked at ai/ee/igh and oa.  New sounds can be found in sound books that have been returned in bookbags.  Please can any outstanding sound books be returned to school so we can give you the new sounds.  It is really useful to ensure your child gets lots of practice recognising digraphs and trigraphs as this can be tricky for children.  All children have read to an adult at least once and new books have been sent home.

This week, the children have started Rainbow Challenges.  This is a menu of six challenges that children are encouraged to complete throughout the week during Independent Learning Time.  Children who complete all six are awarded five green dojos.  The aim of Rainbow Challenges is to encourage children to challenge themselves independently and embed what we have been learning in class.  They cover a range of areas of learning and children are awarded a coloured lollystick if they complete one (hence Rainbow Challenges).  For example, creating a woodland picture was the green challenge this week and retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood was the yellow challenge.  The challenges also encourage the children to work across the classroom.  Can your child tell you about Rainbow Challenges?

In Collective Worship this week, we talked about the Last Supper.  The children were very interested and we had a super discussion.  We also talked about Chinese New Year and continued our work on looking after the World.

Have a lovely weekend.
Reception Team.

Week ending 17th January
A wonderful week in Reception as we start our 'Once Upon a Time' topic.  This week we have focused on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Can your child tell you the story?  The children have also written letters to Goldilocks and tried to identify the characters from the story during a hotseating activity.

In Maths we have focused on the number 8.  In particular we have looked at numbers the children can see within the number 8 e.g. 5 and 3 or 4 lots of 2.  All the children made 8 in different ways using black and white stones and their results were either recorded in drawings or photos.  The children who did not do Maths workshop last week will do so today.

In Phonics we introduced new sounds: sh/ch/th/ng.  Children can find these tricky when reading as they need to recognise them as digraphs rather than individual sounds.  When you get your sound books back, please practise these as it will help with the fluency of your child's reading. All chuildren have read with an adult at least once this week and have new reading books.

In Collective Worship, we talked about St Francis and the Wolf and how he showed respect to animals.  During RE, we also talked about rules we have at home and school and why.  In Music we will look at handling instruments safely and following the instructions of the conductor today.

Have a lovely weekend.
Reception Team

Week ending 10th January
It has been lovely to see the children back in school this week and we have packed a lot into our shortened week.  We talked about Christmas and the celebrations and all children wrote about what they had done in the holidays.  We also introduced 'Super Sentences' which gives the children daily experience of writing words, phrases and sentences.  We have also talked about how we look after the World this week.

In Maths we started to look at the number 7.  We also introduced Maths Workshop where children work in groups to solve mathematical problems.  These may focus on number or shape, space and measure.  This week's problem focused on building towers.  Those children who did not work in a group this week, will do so next week.  A new problem will be introduced on an approximately fortnightly basis.

In Phonics we revisted learning so far and will introduce new sounds from next week.  All children have read with an adult and have new books to bring home.

In Collective Worship we are now focusing on Respect and we talked about what that meant.  Our Music learning this half-term will focus on singing and using instruments.

It was lovely to see so many parents/carers at parent session today.  These will be held every Friday this half-term - all welcome!  New Learning Pool homework will be sent out next Friday (17th January).

Have a lovely weekend.
Reception Team

Week ending 20th December
We can hardly believe that the children have come to the end of their first term in Reception!  They have done brilliantly and made so much progress.  We have had a fantastic Christmassy week, looking at 'The Snowman', creating decorations, cards and calendars and doing estimation in Maths with Christmas baubles (to name but a few of our activities). Today is party day with a visit from Santa and we are all very excited!

Thank you so much for all your kind wishes, cards and gifts.  We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  School starts back on Tuesday 7th January.  Parent Mornings will be on Fridays next term and will start in the second week back.

Have a wonderful time with your families.
The Reception Team.

Week ending 13th December 
Our highlight of this week was definitely the Nativity performances!  Thank you for all the positive comments.  The children were all superstars and we are very proud of them!  Photos can be found on Tapestry.  Please remember not to share photos of any other children on social media - thank you!  Thank you also for the time put into outfits and helping the children learn their lines.

In Literacy, we have talked about what we need to celebrate Christmas and what the children would like for Christmas.  The children have also written their own letters to Santa. This will continue next week.  We have also read the book 'Stickman'.  The children were brilliant at joining in and we did some shared sentence writing too.

In Maths, our focus has been the number 6.  The children have looked at numbers inside 6 and also how 6 can be represented on our concept table and in their drawings.  We also focused on 1 more and 1 less on a numberline.

In Phonics we have focused on reinforcing understanding of sounds learnt so far.  We have concentrated on letter formation and blending.  All children who were in school will have had a book change and have read to an adult.

During Independent Learning Time, the children have been able to focus on a range of Christmas activities such as decorating our tree in the roleplay area, making paperchains, making Christmas cards and Christmas hats (which they wore for our Christmas Lunch yesterday).  The children also played dice games to reinforce their subitisation skills (recognising small numbers without counting).

Next week is a busy one, with lots of lovely activities.  We will be going to Church on Thursday morning and Friday is party day.  You will have received a letter about party day but please ask if you have any queries.

Have a lovely weekend
Reception Team.

Week ending 6th December
It has been all 'lights....camera....action' in Reception this week as we practise for our Nativity.  It is going to be gorgeous and the children have done brilliantly at learning their lines and the songs.  We will not be issuing tickets so please just turn up to the performances with your number of people.

We have continued our work on animals and have looked at non-fiction/information books this week.  The children worked on recognising information books and also sorting fiction and non-fiction books.

In Maths we have continued to look at different kinds of patterns and focused on fixing and recording patterns.  Again we have been using pattern language e.g. it is a 'red blue pattern' or 'AB' pattern and the 'unit of repeat' is 'red blue'.

All children who have read at home have a new book and all have read in class.  In Phonics we have introduced the sounds y, z/zz, qu.  In Collective Worship we continued to talk about courage and looked at the book 'the Selfish Crocodile.'  Can your child tell you about the brave little mouse?

In Computing next week, the children will be talking about addresses.  It would really help if your child could learn their home address this weekend.

Have a fantastic weekend and looking forward to seeing you at our show next week.

The Reception Team 

Week ending 29th November
A really busy week in Reception!  We have continued our focus on animals and have read 'The Zoo Vet' (an interactive book).  The children discussed the book, tried to write the names of the animals and also retold the story using words such as then, later, next.

In Maths we have looked at Pattern.  The children have been expert pattern spotters and have described, copied and continued repeating patterns.  We have also tried to 'fix' patterns and talked about the 'unit of repeat' (the smallest part of the pattern that is repeated e.g. a red blue pattern).  This pattern work will continue next week.  The children are loving it!  Some children have created their own repeating patterns during Independent Learning Time. 

All children will have received a new reading book if they have read their last book at home.  They have also read to an adult in school.  In your child's sound book you will have some new sounds (jvwx) which the children learnt this week.  Please practise these (as well as the other sounds learnt so far).

The children have been practising their Nativity this week.  They are doing brilliantly - you will definitely need to bring tissues!  We have been encouraging the children to say their words loudly and clearly.  Practising this at home would be brilliant.  Please provide any remaining outfits on Monday please.

In Collective Worship this week, the children heard the story of Daniel and the Lions.  They have really enjoyed thinking about courage and being brave, as well as listening to stories from the Bible.

Have a wonderful weekend.
The Reception Team

Week ending 22nd November
This week we have started our focus on 'Pets'.  We read 'Dear Zoo' and talked about what the children could do during Independent Learning Time such as making masks, roleplay and ordering the story.  The children also worked together to choose an animal and describe why it isn't a good pet during a modelled writing session.  They then chose their own animal to write about during sessions with Mrs Lowe and Mrs Worsnop.  The children also used their phonics to describe each animal in the story.

In Maths the children continued their focus on the number 5.  In particular they looked at partitioning 5 into parts.  The children also drew parts of 5 and the whole (5).  Later in the week, the children watched a short film 'Five Friends Counting'.  They described what they could see in mathematical terms e.g. 3 animals in a tent and 2 outside; 5 altogether.  The children also built on this by acting out scenes and deciding how to represent them with pictures and numbers.

The children have started to practise their nativity play and songs.  They are doing brilliantly.  They have also learnt about David and Goliath during Collective Worship. 

Thank you to those parents who came to the Maths parent sessions.  If you were not able to make it, the slides are on the website and information booklets will be sent home.  We are always available to answer any questions.  

Hope to see you at the Christmas Fair this weekend.
Reception Team
Week ending 15th November
We started the week by focusing on Remembrance.  The children watched the CBeebies film ' Poppies' about a rabbit who experiences war and sees poppies growing at the end of the war.  We talked about the significance of poppies and had our own minute's silence at 11am, during which we hung our poppy wreath on the cenotaph some children had created in class (please see Tapestry).  The children showed a lot of respect when discussing the subject. The children also made poppies outside and poppy pictures.

Another focus of this week has been working on our Nativity.  Children who wanted to speak were given words to bring home on Wednesday and all children received outfit slips on Thursday.  We have also started singing our songs and talked about the importance of learning lines and delivering them clearly and loudly.  If you have any questions at all, please ask and we will be happy to help.

In Maths we have focused on the number 5.  The children have all created a representation of how 5 can be shown in different ways.  It was lovely to see how many different ways they showed 5.  We also focused on numbers within 5 using the part whole model e.g. 3 is a part, 2 is a part and 5 is the whole.

In PE we looked at different ways of jumping; in ICT time we used the tablets and during Collective Worship we looked at having courage and overcoming fears.  We also talked about why we were wearing odd socks on Tuesday and how to be a good friend.

We are looking forward to ending the week with Children in Need.  The children have talked excitedly about what they will be wearing and why.  During the day we will be exploring why the children are wearing different clothes and Children in Need in general.

Just a reminder, the Maths parent workshops will take place next Friday (22nd) as planned at 3.40 and 5.30.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Have a lovely weekend.
Reception Team

Week ending 8th November
It has been lovely seeing the children back in school this week.  We have packed a lot in during this short week and our focus has been on Bonfire Night. We started by reading 'Sparks in the Sky'.  The children loved sharing their bonfire and fireworks experiences and have written rules for being safe around bonfires using their phonics.  There was even some baking of Parkin this week and lots of bonfire crafts during Independent Learning Time!  We also talked about the Gunpowder Plot and why we celebrate Bonfire Night on Thursday.  This linked to the Parliament Week we were having in school.  The children also voted on the story they wanted to read!

In Maths our focus has been on the number 4, especially its composition and what numbers children can 'see' inside 4 e.g. 3 and 1 or 2 and 2 or 1.  We have also continued to focus on counting and talked about the properties of 4 sided shapes.

In phonics we have focused on sound recognition, blending to read and segmenting to write. All children have new books in their bags but may not have read to an adult due to the shortened week.

At other times we have started to talk to the children about our Nativity play (very exciting!) and the Christmas story; Remembrance and why we wear poppies (linked to Remembrance Day and also our Christian Value, Courage).  In PE we looked at jumping in different ways and the children also developed their ICT skills by working on the tablets.

Have a lovely bonus weekday with your children!
The Reception Team.

Week ending 25th October
We've really enjoyed the final week of this half term in Reception. Thank you to those parents and carers who could come on our Autumn walk this week.  We loved having you there!  The children really enjoyed singing their Harvest songs at Church on Wednesday.  They were also brilliantly behaved when they had their first school photos taken.  We hope you liked them.  During Independent Learning Time the children put lots of their energy into making their saltdough hedgehogs and homes after reading our Hedgehog story. We also talked about Hibernation (who hibernates and why).

In Maths we have focused on the number 3, including how we can represent it using objects from around the classroom and what numbers we can see within the number 3.  Today we looked at the book 'Owl Babies' and used it to discuss parts and whole e.g. there are 3 owls, 2 are sat on the branch and 1 is in the ivy: 3 is the whole, a part is 2 and a part is 1.

In Phonics we have learnt the sounds h, b, f/ff and l/ll.  We have read or done sound recognition/blending work with all children.  In Literacy we also talked to the children about what they had enjoyed this half term and used our phonics/tricky words to help write class sentences on the whiteboard.  

In PE the children practised jumping in different ways; the children used the tablets in ICT time and in Music we practised songs we had learnt this half term.  During Collective Worship we talked about Noah and his trust in God.

Thank you for sending in super Learning Pool homework this half term.  We love looking at it in class and your support is very much appreciated.   

Please remember that school is closed to Reception children on the first Friday back (8th November).
Wishing you a very happy half term.
Reception team.
Week ending 18th October

This week it was all about Autumn!  The children listened to a story 'Little Acorns' and another about a Hedgehog.  The looked at the words, how they were written and also helped to create a lifecycle for an Oak tree.  The children also looked at real acorns and conkers, sorted them and picked them up using tweezers.  The children also made salt dough hedgehogs.

In Phonics we looked at the sounds ck/e/u/r.  We particularly practised blending these sounds with others to make words.  

Our Maths focused on counting and also understanding numbers.  We started the week by exploring the number 1 with Numberblocks and related resources and created a class representation of that number.  We also did this for number 2.  The children were very excited to be discussing different ways of showing the numbers 1 and 2, where they are found on a number track and how they could draw or show the numbers using their own mark making.  All the children also undertook an activity to sort houses in different ways e.g. by colour of roof, style or number of windows.  It is really important that children have lots of experience of sorting and looking at different properties as this really helps with their understanding of difference/similarity.

In RE we looked at who is special to Christians and this was also supported by our work in Collective Worship when we looked at Elijah as a messenger of God.  The children also learnt some Harvest songs that we will be singing in Church next week.  In PE the children travelled in different ways (including on or off equipment).  The children also looked at technology used at home/school and both. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at parents' evening next week and hope any technical issues have now been ironed out.  Apologies for this.  If you are still facing any difficulties with appointments, please contact the school office.

Many thanks
Reception team

Week ending 11th October
The children have loved finishing their mini topic about minibeasts.  This week we have looked at how we can learn about minibeasts with a specific focus on information books, the Internet and investigating.  We ended the week with reviewing what we had learnt about minibeasts.  The children also looked at minibeast habitats and made minibeast homes.

In Maths, the children did more work on subitising (recognising small numbers of objects without counting) and read 'One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab' to look at counting and finding out how many altogether.  The children also helped Mrs Lowe's puppet to understand that when amounts have been rearranged and nothing has been added or taken away, the amount remains the same.

In Phonics, the children have learnt the sounds g/o/c/k and practised blending and writing sounds.  All children who were in school have read to an adult and have a new book.

In RE the children looked at who is special to them and why.  The children then drew a picture  of their special person and named them.  In PE the children played circle games and parachute games.  In Music the children leant some new songs and we talked about  the Peggy Lee version of 'I can sing a rainbow' which the children enjoyed finding the pulse to.  In Collective Worship we read the story of Gideon and his army.

Apologies again about the postponement of next Friday's Maths parent workshops.  These will now take place on Friday 22nd November at 3.40 and 5.30.

Hope the rain stays away this weekend.
Reception Team 

Week ending 4th October
It has been all about minibeasts in Reception this week, inspired by the children's interests.  We have read 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffer and looked at the characters.  Other activities have involved identifying and sorting minibeasts, minibeast hunts and exploring with small world minibeasts.

In Maths we have focused on counting and subitising (knowing a particular objects are present without counting).  A lot of the focus has been on dice and track games.  The children have taken this interest into provision.

All children have read their books with an adult and have new ones.  Please leave these in bookbags so they can be changed.  In Phonics the focus has been on i,n,m and d.  We have focused on identifying and blending the sounds. Each afternoon we have had a related activity to reinforce the sound learnt that day.

In PE the children have focused on parachute and circle games, in Music we sang songs to be accompanied with instruments next week and in ICT the children looked at different sorts of technology.  During Collective Worship the children learnt about Zacchaeus and how he decided to pay money to people after being a tax collector.  The children also learnt to sing a song about him.

A few parents raised queries about booking parents' evening slots.  We hope this is now sorted but if not, please get in touch with the office as they can help further.  
Have a lovely weekend.

Reception team

Week ending 27th September
We have had so much fun and learning in Reception this week.  Our focus has continued to be on ourselves, in particular our families.  All the children made a family picture - they were all so different and wonderful to see.  

In Literacy, we have focused on rhyming, including identifying rhyming words, continuing rhyming strings and finding other rhyming words.  We used the Dr Seuss stories to explore rhyming.  All the children also did a rhyming activity during Independent Learning Time.  In Phonics we have introduced s/a/t/p.  Today your child will have brought home a sound book that includes these first sounds to practise at home.  Your child has also brought home a book and reading record this week.  Please use the record to write down when you have read/shared these books with your child.  Books are changed on a weekly basis.  It is really helpful if reading books/records and sound books can be brought to school in bookbags every day so that we can read with the children/add new sounds as necessary.

In Maths we have looked at the principles of counting: counting each item once, having a stable order (1,2,3,4, etc. not 1, 2,5,4) and the last number telling us how many/how many altogether.  We have talked about how best to count items, counted things we can move and things we cannot move e.g. claps and pictures on a page and talked about the 'stopping number' that shows how many in a group altogether.  It would be great if the children could practise counting as much as possible.

In PE the children focused on different ways of moving, we learnt new and familiar songs in Music (as well as why we liked certain music), in RE we looked at our families and who is special to us.

We had a very special day on Thursday!  We went to our first assembly as Mrs Lowe was leading a special Music Day assembly.  The children were brilliant and joined in with the singing. They also sat and listened brilliantly. Today, we loved looking at the Learning Pool homework.  The children especially liked looking at the models, pictures of families and baby photos.  We also shared stories that had been brought in too!

Have a great - hopefully rainfree - weekend!
Reception Team  

Week ending 20th September
This week has been all about ourselves.  We sang songs about body parts and drew round each other, labelling parts of the body.  The children have also done lots of mark making using a range of materials, inside and out. 

The babies have been a big hit.  They have been bathed, clothed, taken for walks and climbed trees (as well as being used by some inventive children to entertain preschool while they were playing outside).  We looked at what babies need also. 

Our Number focus has been on counting, which we integrate into the school day as much as possible. It would be great if you could practise counting at home - making sure children count objects using one-to-one correspondence.  More on this at the Maths Parent session. 

We have also played a lot of listening games, looking at initial sounds, and will be starting our Phonics teaching next week.  The children have also enjoyed PE and Music sessions.

Your child may mention the 'Boy who Cried Wolf.'  This was our Collective Worship story this week and the children were brilliant at retelling the story.

Thank you to those parents who have returned the slip about the Reading and Phonics and Maths parent sessions.  We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.  If you cannot make it, we will ensure the slides are on the class page and are happy to discuss any queries.

Have a lovely weekend.  Hope the sunshine continues!
The Reception Team

Week ending 13th September
We have had a brilliant week in Reception and are enjoying getting to know the children as we begin our 'All about me" topic.  All the children have created wonderful paintings of themselves.  They have also enjoyed playing phonics games, listening to stories and singing number songs.  On Thursday we began looking at our Christian Value 'Trust' and the children watched a film about Howard Wigglebottom who was learning to tell the truth.  Can your child tell you about Howard the Rabbit?

This week, we have spent lots of time getting to know what the children like and what they can do.  This will help us to ensure our teaching meets their interests and needs throughout the year.  On Thursday, you should have received a letter from the school nursing service.  Please check bookbags.  Today the children will also bring home their Learning Pool homework books.  This is an opportunity for your child to do things at home that support their learning at school.  We show Learning Pool homework on the dates provided in the book and this gives the children a lovely opportunity to share what they have been doing at home.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The children have all been brilliant this week! We are so impressed with how they have settled.
Have a wonderful weekend.
The Reception Team.

Welcome to Reception!
We have had a fantastic first few days getting to know the children.  They have settled brilliantly and it has been lovely seeing them making new friends and exploring the classroom and outdoor area.  The children have also enjoyed getting to know their buddies and having their school lunches.  Our very short carpet sessions have focused on choosing lunches, listening to stories, singing songs (including number and alphabet songs) and playing listening games.  Ask your child about 'Bug in a Rug'!  We have also shared your child's 'All about me' book with them if they are in school.  This has been a really lovely way to get to know them.

If you are yet to bring in a PE kit, please do so as soon as possible.  The children only need an indoor kit.  Please also provide wellies and make sure children come to school in coats as the weather is now changing and we like to get outside as much as possible.  We would also like all children to have a waterbottle in school.  These will be sent home on Friday for washing (please look for them outside the classroom).

We are looking forward to a very exciting year ahead.
Have a lovely weekend.
The Reception Team
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