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How Are Our Pupils Challenged?
We recognise that all children have the potential to be competent and very able! We plan and provide opportunities for children to question, explore, experiment and collaborate to achieve their best.
At Pool, we expect all our pupils to aim high and we consciously avoid grouping or labelling pupils by ability as much as possible.
Our pupils are challenged in a variety of ways including: through open-ended tasks (where ‘the sky is the limit’); leadership roles; becoming a ‘buddy’ to explain more challenging concepts to other pupils and in particular, our focus weeks, which encourage children to apply their skills in a real-life context. Often these weeks involve mixing year groups across the school and encourage innovation, creativity and enterprise, to which our pupils respond very positively.
In day-to-day learning, pupils are often given the choice of differentiated work tasks, including those which provide opportunities for deeper learning or scope for extended investigation. Our pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and 'choose challenges' based on confidence and understanding. 
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