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This week we are looking at 'Counting Backwards'. 
Children will develop counting to continue a number sequence backwards. Problems will be presented in a variety of ways, e.g. numerals, words, and images. 
The Yr1 maths this week is: Counting Forwards. The children will develop their counting skills to continue a number sequence forwards. Problems will be represented in a variety of ways e.g. numerals, words, and images.
Counting Forwards
Yr 1 maths this week involves 'Representing Objects'. The children will learn that one object can be represented by another e.g. one rabbit can be represented by one counter. 
Representing Objects doc
This week our maths focus is 'Counting Objects'. We are using a 'tens frame' as a visual aid and other maths resources in the classroom.
Counting Objects doc
Today, we have started our maths lesson on 'sorting'. Looking at sorting by colour, size and shape. 

10.9.21 Sorting Activity

If you'd like to have a go at a sorting activity, at home, please use the attached sheet. Many thanks

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